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The Director of WDVCAS NSW is Hayley Foster. Hayley has over 15 years’ experience in the domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV) sector in a range of roles including practice, policy, law reform, advocacy, and organisational and sector development. Throughout this time, Hayley has worked with diverse population groups and organisations in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote settings across the government, non-government and business sectors.

Most recently, Hayley worked with a feminist law firm in family law matters supporting women to achieve safety and empowerment through access to justice across the local/magistrates, children's and family/federal circuit courts. Prior to this, Hayley held various roles in DFV and SXA, community legal and accredited men’s behaviour change organisations with a focus on innovative service and sector development and violence prevention.

Hayley has particular expertise in integrated, multi-sectorial strategies to address to DFSV, child protection, and family, civil and criminal justice. Hayley is passionate about ‘evidence to action’ and genuine participatory research and has a keen interest in legislative, policy and practice reform, supported by her qualifications in law, economics, finance, political science and family dispute resolution. Most recently, in her Honours study, Hayley undertook an analysis of the application of judicial discretion in the making of parenting orders under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) in the context of family violence.

Currently the NSW Representative of the National Women’s Services Network (‘WESNET’), Hayley sits on the NSW Women’s Alliance and is a Practitioner Engagement Group (‘PEG’) member of the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (‘ANROWS’).

Hayley is deeply passionate about the work of WDVCAS professionals and services and brings excitement and enthusiasm to the network in working collaboratively to address systemic issues for women and their children impacted by DFSV.

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