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Membership Categories

There are two types of membership within WDVCAS NSW:

Full members

In order to become a full member of WDVCAS NSW you must be a paid employee at a Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service who supports the purpose, aims and guiding principles of the association.

Amongst other benefits, a full member of the association will receive support from WDVCAS NSW Inc,. lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the member's service and regular sector updates.

A full member is entitled to:

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Associate membership

Community members who want to support WDVCAS NSW can do so by becoming an associate member of WDVCAS NSW. To do so the applicant must:


What are the benefits of being an Associate Member?

As an associate member you will:

An associate member is not entitled to vote at the annual general meeting, or any special general meeting of WDVCAS NSW; or nominate for election as an office bearer or ordinary member of the Board of Directors.

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What does it cost to join?

All applicants must pay a membership fee of $30 per year. Membership of the association is from 1 July each year to 30 June the following year. For more information on the membership criteria refer to 2(2) of the association’s Constitution.


How do I join WDVCAS NSW?

Step 1: Complete and send your membership form

Once you’ve completed your membership form send to the Director of WDVCAS NSW by:


  PO Box K278
  Sydney, NSW 2000

Step 2: Pay your membership fee

Once you’ve received email confirmation from the Director of WDVCAS NSW about your membership application, please deposit your annual membership fee ($30 per worker) into the WDVCAS NSW bank account:

BSB:   633 000
Account: 141843391

Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to WDVCAS NSW to:

PO Box K278
Sydney, NSW 2000

For more information about becoming a member of WDVCAS NSW please telephone 0474 779 847.

If you are in danger, please call 000 (Australian emergency number), or 1800 WDVCAS (1800 938 227) (24hr domestic violence counselling)

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